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The Four Most Important Words for 2012

November 3, 2011 1 comment

So if this blog was up a year ago and this same subject was at play, the four most important words for 2011 would have been, “It’s all about the cloud.” Granted, that’s five words. But you get the point.

Looking forward to next year, the four most important words will be, “it’s all about access.” Practice that phrase now using quote fingers if you really want to seem like an insight-driven Svengali.

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The Next Big Thing – Cloud Apps

If you are like most people you likely spent time as a kid staring up at the sky, guessing at what shapes the clouds were taking. Is that one Abraham Lincoln? Is that one the Death Star?  If you look back at those days longingly wishing you could return to them you can. Only this time you won’t be staring at clouds. You’ll be staring at the Cloud.

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Implications of Buying Radian6

April 28, 2011 Leave a comment

On March 30, acquired social media monitoring service Radian6.  This was ostensibly to enhance the social media applications it was developing inside its own service. Salesforce already had an application built into called Chatter.  But that was a limited functionality tool used to enhance prospecting and internal information sharing/farming.

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