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Facebook Deals is a Game Changer (for consumers)

April 27, 2011 Leave a comment

Raise your hand if you’ve been able to escape the allure (or clutches in some instances) of social media.  It’s pervasive and still growing.  And as the arena continues to grow, some have been skeptical wondering whether or not we are seeing another bubble.  Others make comparisons to the valuation frenzies seen during the dot com boom.  But social media took a major step this week with the launch of Facebook Deals.  For those who’ve not heard, Facebook Deals is Groupon’s (and Living Social’s) official arch nemesis now, threatening to take over the industry Groupon essentially founded.  Facebook – the brash social media upstart – is now looking a little bit more like Microsoft than Apple, leveraging its ubiquity to move quickly into a marketplace with the intent of walking away with it all together.

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